The mopane dominated 1800 square kilometer wildlife concession is located on the eastern edge of the Okavango Delta. Named after the Khwai River that runs through the area, Khwai Concession used to be a hunting area but it now managed as a conservation wilderness. The Acacia and Leadwood lined Khwai River itself is the sole source of water for miles around, and is frequented by a spectacular array of game. This is the raptor captial of Botswana with fish eagles, bateleur, tawny, martial and brown snake ages lining the river bank alongside lanner falcons, not only to drink is this isolated stretch of water, but also to feed on the millions of quilea which flock to the river to quench their thirst. Lion, leopard, wild dog and hyena are commonly sighted in Khwai.

Sweeping grasslands, riparian forest and floodplains are flooded for part of the year, while Khwai’s white sanded twinkling lagoons and channels are crystal clear, adorned by lilies and bordered by a thick carpet of reeds. Spot little bee-eaters perched precariously on these reeds and pied kingfishers hovering above the crystal suface waiting for the next unsuspecting fish to dive upon. During early morning drives, mist rises from the these waterways, creating a magical atmosphere.

The area also boasts large palm islands and drier areas with long yellow grass. Here larger game species can be spotted, such as buffalo, zebra, wildebeest and giraffe. The mopane areas are frequented by large herds of elephants, which can often be seen feeding on delicious mopane leaves.

The Khwai River separates the Moremi Game Reserve from its northern neighbor, the Khwai Community Trust, as well as the Chobe National Park. Run entirely by the local village, the trusts land is no less prolific in terms of wildlife, and being outside the reserve allows you the opportunity to enjoy night drives. These are incredible atmospheric and provide a unique perspective to the landscape and its nocturnal animals. Walking is also an activity option in this space, a fantastic method of viewing wildlife and appreciating them at their wildest.

The private mobile safari sites in Khwai are beyond breathtaking, placing you right next to the waters edge under the umbrella of magnificent leadwood (Motswiri) trees.


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